NotNoen is a clothing line created by Noen Eubanks. It draws inspiration from his childhood memories, love for video games and his everyday experiences. Underlying the creative process is a commitment to choosing your own path. We are all born with expectations, yet it is up to us to decide our journey and ultimately, the kind of person we want to become.

The clothing line, NotNoen, embodies the idea that we can all decide our own destinies. The name ‘Noen’, one given to him at birth, comes with a set of expectations chosen by others, but the person he was ‘destined’ to become and the person he has chosen to become are very different.

We can all decide our own paths.

Thank you for supporting my journey. It’s because of you that I am here and able to do what i do and for that I am truly grateful. Waking up everyday knowing that I can be my true self and help make people’s day better is why I do what I do. Thank you for the love and support. Noen.